Sex and the City, the series and movies that we all watched for the HOT men, the lifestyle and of course the FASHION and the SHOES. Carrie Bradshaw had a massive shoe obsession which had every viewer wanting her gigantic closet. Many designers have been featured throughout the Sex and the City series/movie, but the one shoe brand that has been highly advertised and wanted by every woman around the world is the Manolo Blahnik shoe. Manolo Blahnik is a Spanish fashion designer and the founder of the high-end shoe brand, Blahnik not only draws his own designs of the shoes, but also hand- crafts them also. All the Manolo Blahnik shoe styles are kept to an exclusive production and only few made, his signature style is easily identifiable. The blockbuster movie Sex and the City had us crying watching our favourite scene, Mr. Big’s Proposal. Mr. Big knew his soon to be fiancé so well that he was holding a blue pair of blue Manolo Blahnik heel, before proposing to her. The shoe was sold st $525, but due to demand of retailers after the movie the price almost doubled to $965 showing the impact the movie had on the viewers. As the actress, Sarah Jessica Parker saw the influence it had, she created a duplicate of the shoe for her line, selling them at $585.


This showing once the shoe was featured in the film, it betrayed a lifestyle many around the world wanted to also have.






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