Art has continuously inspired fashion from designing clothes, shoes and accessories. Many artists who started off painting or creating art, eventually moved onto the fashion industry to collaborate art with garments. Salvador Dali was best known around the world as a surrealism artist who played a significant role in his later years of the history of fashion. Dali had great interest in the world of fashion, especially after meeting with Coco Chanel She inspired him to design evening gowns and also for costumes for theatrical pieces.

 It all began in 1930, when Dali created the glossy magazine including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Surrealism met fashion when Salvador Dali collaborated with the iconic fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli. Their art piece “shoe hat” became a spoken about art/fashion piece in 1937, showing that the fashion designer stood out for her sense of humour and wild imagination.


schiaparelli-shoe-hat_insert.jpg  Lobster-phone.jpg

The duo continued to make unique pieces that were both fashion and art. In 1937 n iconic piece that stood out and continues to be a part of the fashion industry, is the lobster. It began as the lobster phone and then Dali drew the blood red lobster onto a plain white evening gown, which showed the artists obsession with sex. Immediately after the new Duchess of Windsor Wallis Simpson wore it. Many designers for many years kept recreating the artwork in different types of garment styles.


Dali then went on to create with the one and only Christian Dior, the special costume for 1945 with drawers.
Salvador Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli were a great example of how well fashion and art would work well together, to create inspiring and exceptional pieces.

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